One of the founder animals of the beaver population at the river Hase.

Emsland Beavers

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Reporting of beaver sightings

Because of the size of the current range it is almost impossible for us, to detect all of the newly established beaver settlements. Therefore, we appreciate reports of pedestrians, farmers, fishermen or hunters who have - by chance - found beaver settlements, which are not yet known by us.
To confirm that the signs you have found are actually caused by a beaver, you can use our short guide.

We are not only interested in living beavers but also in dead animals (for example road accident victims), which you can report to us. The detection of a carcass can indicate places (e.g. road bridges), where hazards for humans and animals are possible. There are several possibilities to minimize the hazard potential at such locations with respect of the safety of humans (e.g. motorists) as well as of the animals Your report might be helpful to implement such measures.

By using the form below, you can communicate your observations to us - if you like to and if your time allows that. For this purpose, it would be nice if you could specify the location in more detail in the section "Information on your beaver observation". For this, informations on the name of the waters as well as the Name of the nearest village would be very helpful. To specify the location more closely, you could also use our distribution map. Entering your phone number or your e-mail address would be of advantage if we might want to contact you to clarify details. However, this information is not obligatory.

We would like to thank you at this point in advance for your report!

A summary of all the people who have informed us about their beaver observations in the past, can be found on the page beaver respondents. If you would like to see the report of your observation on that page as well, you should make sure, that you click "Yes" regarding the option "Do you agree that your name and place of residence will be published on our website?" at the end of the section on personal information. click "yes" as an answer. By default this option is marked with "No" and your report will be published by us without a reference to your name. Please consider, that we will only publish your name and your place of residence - your full address, your phone number or your email-address will not appear on our web page in order to secure your privacy.

Privacy Policy
Please take note that all the information you have entered into the form will be transmitted encrypted and will not be accessible by third parties (all data will be transport encrypted on transmition).
All data entered into the form by you will be send to us via email - there is no long-term storage of these data on the web server (an exception is the listing of your name and your place of residence at the page beaver respondents, if you have agreed on the publication of this information in the form). Your personal informations will never be passed on to third parties.
All data entered into the form below are given voluntarily (there are no mandatory fields).
Please have a look at our Data protection declaration for further informations.

Form for reporting a beaver observation

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Information on your beaver observation (known so far)

Gnawing Traces Decorticated Sticks
Lodge/Burrow Dam

Please clarify at "Explanation of the locality"


Please clarify at "Explanation of the locality"